Airline mocks ‘crafty’ passengers trying to get entire rows to themselves

An airline has made fun of holidaymakers who attempt to get entire rows of seats to themselves using travel hacks.

Last week, one TikTok creator claimed that he booked out the whole row and then cancelled at the last minute to bag the extra leg room, while one woman said she always uses the same trickat the gate to get some more space.

Many tourists may have been making notes thinking to attempt the tricks on their next holiday.

But, Southwest Airlines has taken the mick out of those who do in a recent spoof TikTok video.

The clip shoed a person sitting in a window seat and lounging with his legs stretched out across the entire bank of three seats.

In a caption, the saline said: “Discouraged, but crafty, strategies to get a row to yourself on Southwest.”

The first funny “hack” was “the hat trick” which showed the bloke sitting in the window seat and holding a hat up over the aisle seat as though to imply someone was sitting there.

The second was the “encouraging seat pat” where the passenger freaked other holidaymakers out by enthusiastically hitting the aisle seat as though he wanted someone to sit with him.

There was also the “upfront recline” where someone asked whether they could sit in the seat and the passenger simply said no.

Then was the “fake breakup” where he loudly spoke on the phone, crying and wailing about a false partner breaking his heart.

The actor said: “I can’t believe you’re breaking up with me before my flight. I’m going to be a mess for two hours and 43 minutes. “

The funny parody clip went viral with over 67,000 likes and 600 comments, with fans applauding the tongue-in-cheek jokes.

One man said: “Not the content I expected from Southwest, but the content that I needed from Southwest.”

While a woman added: “I still appreciate the flight attendant that gave me a wink and stood in my row until everyone was seated.”

Others suggested their cheeky ways of bagging the full row.

One woman said: “You missed the ‘I take aisle, you take window, and we engage in deep, meaningful conversation over the empty middle’.”

Another added: “You forgot the ‘let me unpack my whole carry-on in these seats’ troupe.”

What's the funniest thing you've seen on a flight? Let us know in the comments below.


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