Airbnb lists the top 10 cheapest city breaks to try in Europe

Christmas is long gone, the New year is a distant memory and we’re slogging through a dreary January with no booze, no meat and a new gym membership.

So now that the sparkle has worn off, and we’re watching the Love Island cast sunning their toned bodies in South Africa while we’re sipping on hot tea under a blanket – what do we do?

Well, we go on Airbnb to dream about the holidays we’d buy if we hadn’t just paid off Christmas.

Luckily for travel-lovers with wanderlust there are a number of European destinations which you can stay in for less than you’d spend on a meal out for two.

Airbnb has put together their list of the cheapest 10 cities to stay in and here are the results…

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, £22 pp

The historic city of Mostar in Bosnia and Hersegovina is famed for its Stari Most bridge and has topped the charts of the cheapest holiday hotspots.

The 16th century Ottoman bridge crosses the Neretva river in the centre of the beautiful city.

Sibiu, Romania, £28 pp

Sibiu is the capital of Transylvania and was named the European Capital of Culture in 2007 and was ranked as Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live a year later by Forbes.

The imposing Gothic cathedral is impressive and colourful houses line tiny streets between the Lower Town and Upper Town. Try the Romanian pretzel, Covrigi.

Skopje, Macedonia, £30 pp

Macedonia’s capital, and its largest city, Skopje is a kitschy cool destination featuring weird and wonderful buildings – some of them splashed in colourful paints.

You can wander around the city spotting the numerous statues before getting lost in the old bazaar and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, £31 pp

The second largest city in Bulgaria, after Sofia, this city is 2019’s Capital of Culture.

The ancient Roman amphitheatre hosts performances by the Plodiv Opera which you can enjoy while gazing over the city with the mountains in the distance.

The area also features an Ancient baths which hosts an art museum, Ottoman-era houses and delicious Thracian wines.

Novi Sad, Serbia, £33 pp

The second largest city in Serbia, and capital of Vojvodina, this city is the home of EXIT a European music festival which has taken place since 2000.

You can admire the Petrovaradin fortress which has stood since the middle ages while wandering around the city which is known as “the Serbian Athens” and lies on the banks of the Danube river.

Łódź, Poland, £32 pp

As the third largest city in Poland you might be surprised by this unique location which is pronounced ’woodge’.

Not only is there a giant unicorn statue, but theres a courtyard where the buildings are clad with broken mirrors, street art which required 3D glasses and a train station resembling the Death Star.

Braşov, Romania, £34 pp

The second Transylvanian city on the list, Brasov is rings by the Carpathian mountains and is known for its Gothic Black Church, baroque buildings and Medieval saxon walls.

The vibe of this city is relaxed and romantic, and is one of Romania’s most-visited cities.

You can hike up Tampa mountain, admire Catherine’s Gate and tuck into Kurt’s Kalacs – a sweet, cylindrical cake which is roasted on a spit.

Lviv, Ukraine, £35 pp

The largest city in Western Ukraine, it borders Poland and blends the architectural style of Eastern Europe with that of Italy and Germany.

You can walk to High Castle Park to the mountaintop ruins of a 14th Century castle to view the city from above.

Sometimes known as “Little Paris” we advise you to try the Varenyky (a type of dumpling).

Katowice, Poland, £35 pp

The capital city of the Silesian region, Katowice is an industrial city featuring several museam's and Poland's largest theme park, Legendia.

Timişoara, Romania, £36 pp

This Romanian city is considered by some to be one of the most underrated cities in the world.

The architecture is a mix of art nouveau and Habsburg era buildings, while the city as been around since the Middle Ages it was over the centuries ruled by the Hungarians, followed by the Ottomans and Habsburgs.

We recommend checking out the vibrant street art.

To find the beautiful, but cheap, places to stay in these european cities, head over to Airbnb.

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