‘Absolutely savage’ crewman waves with giant foam hand as cruise ship leaves stranded passengers behind

When a cruise ship leaves port, the typical signal is two prolonged blasts of the horn.

A crewman on a Royal Caribbean ship was instead filmed waving a giant foam hand as the ship pulled out of St Maarten, oblivious to two passengers left behind on the dock.

Footage shared on Twitter shows the Anthem of the Seas liner setting sail from the Caribbean island, while a crewman on deck waves a giant hand to signal the boat’s departure.

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To add insult to injury to the stranded passengers, the giant hand had “bye” written across it.

The pair can then be seen walking away from the dock as the floating palace sails away.

“Absolutely savage,” reads the caption on the video.

According to Cruise Mapper, the cruise ship is currently sailing from Haiti to New York, where it will arrive at 7am on 10 August.

In February, a couple who turned up 45 minutes late to get back on their cruise ship were left stranded in the Bahamas – and the whole thing was filmed.

The pair were on a Royal Caribbean cruise on 15 February when they literally missed the boat.

The Symphony of the Seas ship was docked at Nassau port, and passengers had been given an all-aboard time of 3.30pm. At 4.15pm, the gangway was removed and doors were closed – the couple arrived five minutes later.

If passengers do miss a cruise, they will usually incur the cost of getting themselves home and any accommodation needed in the interim.

The Independent has contacted Royal Caribbean for comment.

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