A Popular Cape Town Destination Was Engulfed In Flames Over the Weekend

Cape Town, South Africa is known for being a bucket list destination for adventure seekers, Unfortunately, one of its top attractions suffered some severe damage due to fires over the weekend.

According to TimesLIVE, fires broke out on Cape Town’s famous Lion’s Head and Signal Hill around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, with winds up to 30 mph feeding the flames over 16 feet high.

Over 70 firefighters and 20 vehicles, including helicopters, worked to control the blaze, The Guardian reported. People have been sharing unbelievable footage and photographs of the fires on social media, including some extremely close views from suburban houses.

TimesLIVE reported that some residents nearby overheard vehicles driving by with loudspeakers advising them to leave the area. However, Cape Town fire and rescue service spokesman Theo Layne told the news outlet that evacuations were unnecessary Sunday night.

In addition, Western Cape local government spokesperson James-Brent Styan told News 24 that there was no threat to surrounding structures or people as of Sunday.

Still, residents felt uneasy being so close to the fires. One resident, Spencer Jay, told News 24 on Monday morning, “It was like Dante’s Inferno.”

By Monday morning, winds had died down and most of the flames had been extinguished. There were a few flare ups on Signal Hill Road that were quickly contained by mid-afternoon. According to The South African, firefighters are still attending to the scene and monitoring the situation.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Signal Hill is known as a popular paragliding spot for tourists, but is closed until further notice.

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