A J.Lo Super-fan Convinced a JetBlue Crew Member to Make a Special Announcement Urging the Entire Plane to Watch 'Hustlers'

There’s ringing endorsements and then there’s sky-high ones.

That’s exactly what happened when one of Jennifer Lopez’s biggest fans asked JetBlue’s crew to make an announcement requesting passengers watch the singer’s “Hustlers” movie during a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

The request comes after Lopez snagged a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting actress role in the movie.

“In honor of JLO’s Golden Globes nomination this morning, I WILL make sure everyone watches Hustlers on this flight,” Joseph Longo tweeted, adding he was sure there were awards voters on the flight. Longo wrote he calls himself “The Backup JLo.”

“AJetBlue pilot read my plea that passengers watch Hustlers in honor of JLo’s #GoldenGlobes nom,” he wrote. “The friendly skies supports our Fly Girl!”

A fellow passenger tweeted about the announcement calling it, “history's only good midair announcement.”

Longo posted a video of himself listening to a crew member make the announcement, smiling the whole time. “We’d greatly appreciate if you would join us in supporting Ms. Lopez and watch “Hustlers” on our flight today,” the crew member said.

And even the Fly Girl herself was a fan of the plug.

“This is amazing!!!!!!! You can be my backup dancer any day THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!” Lopez tweeted.

JetBlue also chimed in on social media offering to fly Longo to Los Angeles in the carrier’s premium cabin if Lopez “can get him in.”

J.Lo isn’t the first celebrity fan of JetBlue’s in-flight entertainment options.

On Dec. 5, Brian Koppelman, the co-creator of Showtime’s “Billions,” tweeted that he was going to “watch some of #Billions season one on this plane, since they are offering it, because I haven’t reviewed it in a long while. And it helps to look at an old season while making new one.”

JetBlue supported the idea but joked: “What’s the point of having Fly-Fi if you never do an AMA about your own show inflight?”

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