16 Fall Travel Destinations For Dogs And Their Humans

Looking to fill your fall schedule? Travelers may find it hard to book the perfect hotel — especially if they plan on bringing their dog. Dogs are like family, and even though there are plenty of places they rightfully can’t enter (like, say, a Broadway play) more places are starting to welcome them in. After all, many people treat their dogs as if they are children. If you have a very good boy or girl, you know why. Just seeing that sad puppy face makes it hard to leave them behind.

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Unless you have a service dog, which will be welcomed in most public places based on his or her important job and very demanding training requirements, traveling with your pup may have required a lot of research this past summer. Where can they go? Which places will pamper them? The worst thing is to book a vacation and have to pen your dog up indoors for most of the trip.

Now that it’s fall and much cooler outside, it’s time to get creative again. Every pooch should be able to fully enjoy the season. Maybe you’ll even piece together some new fall traditions that’ll become annual events. Here are 16 suggestions, especially if you’re new to the idea of traveling with your pup.

1. A Pumpkin Patch

an orange and white dog lying on the ground: 1. A Pumpkin Patch

Since all legitimate pumpkin patches are outside, there’s a great chance you can bring your dog to one. Just make sure to double-check on your location’s website, in the slim chance that they have other rules in place. Not only will you get some memorable outdoor fall photos of your dog in a scenic and colorful location, but you’ll have a buddy who’ll be able to sniff out the best pumpkin of them all.

2. On A Fall Hike

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Dogs make excellent hiking companions, and most of them love the outdoors. If you fancy yourself an adventurer, there’s no better time to check out the local trails than in the fall. Pack plenty of water for both you and your pup (and maybe a few treats as well) since if it’s a longer hike, the two of you will be working up a sweat.

3. To A Dog-Friendly Restaurant

a dog looking at the camera: 3. To A Dog-Friendly Restaurant

To be fair, most dogs aren’t allowed inside for obvious reasons. Restaurant kitchens and dog hair aren’t a good combo. But, plenty of restaurants and bars have a nice patio for dogs to hang with their owners, far away from where the actual food is prepped. It’s ideal to take your dogs out to eat in the fall since the weather is perfect enough for them to avoid getting overheated. If your dog is friendly, they’ll probably also enjoy getting plenty of pets from new neighborhood friends. (And if you happen to be new to the neighborhood this season? A dog is a perfect icebreaker.)

4. On A Boat

a dog sitting on a boat: 4. On A Boat

Sure, summer is generally considered to be the optimal boating season. But as long as it’s not too cold out, you can still boat in the fall. If you’re new to the idea, the first thing you should know is that your dog absolutely needs a safety vest. Even if they’re a great swimmer, it’s the best way to keep them safe. (And the fact that they look adorable in it doesn’t hurt.)

5. A Very Dog-Friendly Hotel

a dog wearing a costume: 5. A Very Dog-Friendly Hotel

One example is Dream Hollywood, in California. If you live locally, you can book a room for a staycation — otherwise, just know that this hotel is worth traveling for. They allow one pet, and their pet-friendly hotel package includes a PupJoy box. There are also rumors that your dog gets his or her own mini bathrobe, so make sure you’re ready to post a bunch of photos on Instagram the second you arrive.

6. Out To Run A Race

a small dog on a leash: 6. Out To Run A Race

If you’re looking to get a little more physically fit this fall, you should do some research on local races — or, races the next state over, if you want a great reason to travel. Plenty of them offer the chance to race alongside your dog. If your pup is in decent physical health, this can be a great way to bond. Plus, since exercise is important for your dog, you’re keeping him or her healthy.

7. A Dog Beach

a person sitting at a beach: 7. A Dog Beach

Did you know that there are beaches out there that encourage you to bring your pup? One of them is Downs Memorial Park in Maryland. Their dog beach is the perfect destination for any dog to learn how to swim and socialize with others. If you’re not down for a trip to Maryland, you should search your state and see if there’s anything similar out there that’s a little closer.

8. To The K9 Cinemas

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This one will require a trip to Plano, Texas — but if you’re already in the area, might as well stop by. K9 Cinemas is a relatively new dog-friendly movie theater and the first of its kind. It may be worth booking an entire vacation around since the concept is just too cool. (Plus, it’s possible your dog may end up making some vacation friends.)

9. To A Farmer’s Market

a dog sitting on a table: 9. To A Farmer's Market

Buying fresh produce with your dog. What could go wrong? If your pup is mild-mannered and isn’t a glutton who’ll steal food, a Farmer’s Market may be an ideal fall location. Save yourself a hassle and do the research beforehand as to whether or not your local market implements any specific leash laws or other rules.

10. Camping

a tent on a picnic table: 10. Camping

Much like hiking, fall is also ideal for camping. If you’ve got a dog that loves adventure (and foliage) this will be a fun journey. Even Disney World has a dog-friendly package that’ll tempt you to camp over at the happiest place on earth. Make sure you bring your dog’s vaccinations with you, just in case.

11. A Family-Run Pet Store

a woman sitting on a table: 11. A Family-Run Pet Store

It’s always great to support local businesses, but there are other reasons why it’s fun to find a family-owned pet store to visit, even if it’s a fifteen-minute drive away. For one, you never know what to expect. If you’re a loyal Petco fan, you know exactly what’s inside. But secondly, it’s possible that there are better deals and perks if you see what else is out there. No matter what, it’s brand new smells for your dog, and we all know that’s what’s most important to them.

12. To A Winery

Barrel Oak Winery (@barreloakwinery)

If you like wine and love your dog, a winery is a perfect destination. If you happen to be close to Delaplane, VA, you’re in luck. Barrel Oak Winery is one of the most dog-friendly wineries in the United States. Just make sure you bring a leash. If you’re not looking to travel far, go to CorkHounds.com for other dog-friendly locations.

13. Bass Pro Shops

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Have you ever been to Bass Pro before? It’s an adventure. The outdoor retailer has all you need in terms of hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports. Every once in a while, shops announce “Dog Days,” which seem to be the annual puppy equivalent of a Starbucks Happy Hour. If you have fun in the fall, you can even return in the winter for a free photo with Santa Claus.

14. On A Spontaneous Road Trip

a dog looking out a car window: 14. On A Spontaneous Road Trip

When you’re with your best buddy, you don’t need a specific location. Gas up the car, roll down the windows to a safe degree and strap your dog in with an appropriate seatbelt. Check out the changing leaves together, or see if you can find a new walking path to explore.

15. Your Place Of Employment

a person holding a dog: 15. Your Place Of Employment

Obviously, you’ll want to ask your boss first — but more and more places are becoming dog-friendly. It’s amazing how much a friendly dog can boost morale. Inviting your dog to work with you (or, perhaps starting up the first annual “Fall Dog Day” where everyone can bring their pups) can help you ease into the season.

16. Barnes and Noble

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If you still have a Barnes and Noble close to you, consider yourself lucky. There’s nothing more fall-appropriate than ordering a hot drink from Starbucks and reading a book (that you intend on buying, of course) with your dog by your side. This dream is somewhat possible. The only issue you may have is the fact that your pooch can’t enter the Starbucks area — just the main store where the books are at. So, you might want to bring a friend to watch your dog while you order.

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