13 Cities That Will Be Too Hot To Visit Come 2050

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Slide 1 of 14: Los Angeles, California
Slide 2 of 14: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Slide 3 of 14: Athens, Greece
Slide 4 of 14: Tunis, Tunisia
Slide 5 of 14: Madrid, Spain
Slide 6 of 14: Tel Aviv, Israel
Slide 7 of 14: Columbo, Sri Lanka
Slide 8 of 14: Shanghai, China
Slide 9 of 14: Seoul, South Korea
Slide 10 of 14: New Orleans, Louisiana
Slide 11 of 14: Cancun, Mexico
Slide 12 of 14: Bogota, Columbia
Slide 13 of 14: Havana, Cuba
Slide 14 of 14: Los Angeles, California

2018 is currently tracking to be the fourth hottest year on record, but according to scientists, we haven’t felt anything yet. Climate change is set to send thermostats soaring and while the whole world is set to get even hotter, some regions will be harder hit by rising temperatures than others. Earlier this year, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group stated that right now, just over 350 major cities currently experience three or more consecutive months where their average maximum temperature surpasses 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). But by 2050, that number will likely jump to over 970 cities. Included on that list are some of the Earth’s most beloved travel destinations. We round up 13 of these locations–all cities that we recommend you visit sooner than later.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Athens, Greece

Tunis, Tunisia

Madrid, Spain

Tel Aviv, Israel

Columbo, Sri Lanka

Shanghai, China

Seoul, South Korea

New Orleans, Louisiana

Cancun, Mexico

Bogota, Columbia

Havana, Cuba

Los Angeles, California

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