Woman Escorted Off Spirit Flight Following Rant About White Privilege

A disruptive passenger was escorted off of a Spirit Airlines flight in Sacramento following a bizarre rant about white privilege during which she removed her face mask and referred to herself as a queen last week.

Another passenger captured the incident in a two-minute video, which shows the woman, who is black, blocking the path of a white flight attendant in the aisle. The confrontation begins when the crew member attempts to move past the woman, who launches into a confusing tirade.

“Did you see what she did? She put her hands at me. She wants me to go to jail, y’all. See how she’s antagonizing me,” the passenger can be heard saying as the flight attendant instructs her to either sit down or use the bathroom so she can get past to the front of the aircraft.

“What do I got to listen to? Are you my boss? You’re white privilege, you are not my boss. Sit down! You are white privilege, sit down! You wait for me to get to my bathroom. Have respect for me,” the woman says later with her face mask pulled below her chin. “It’s over with—it’s 2020. Wake up, you got a mask on. So you’re under the government, too. You’re confined and you don’t have white privilege anymore.”

“I’m a queen…California. She was from a black queen.”

This went on two minutes too long.


Passengers can be heard cheering and laughing in the end before the unidentified woman was escorted off of the aircraft by police.

And this is the end… pic.twitter.com/TnOASFr7qB

Spirit has yet to release a statement regarding the incident, which comes just one week after American Airlines banned a female passenger for calling a crew member a “mask Nazi.”

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