WATCH: Passengers Wrap Themselves in Plastic Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact travel and fuel hysteria around the world, some travelers are letting their fear get the best of them.

Last week, Twitter user Alyssa shared a video of two airline passengers not only wearing masks and gloves but completely wrapped in plastic on a flight from Sydney to Hamilton Island in Australia.

“Currently behind me on the plane. When you super scared of #coronavirus #COVID2019,” the caption read.

Currently behind me on the plane. When you super scared of #coronavirus #COVID2019

Naturally, commenters were quick to make jokes about the paranoid duo, making Bubble Boy comparisons and pointing out that the passengers were likely in more danger of suffocating than contracting the coronavirus.

“Better be safe than sorry…given the choice, I wouldn’t want to die by suffocation…” wrote one user.

“He’s still breathing the same air as everyone else on the plane,” added another.

“Sir, can I get you anything? Drink? Pillow? Shower Curtain?” one user joked.

The coronavirus has presented the global travel industry with a gargantuan challenge to kick off 2020 as airlines have suspended service on select routes, cruise lines have canceled impacted itineraries and hotels have been forced to waive cancellation fees in some places.

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