United joins competitors in making TV free

United has joined its rivals in offering free live
television on domestic flights.

The carrier made the change Wednesday on its 212 Boeing
737 aircraft that are equipped with DirectTV-enabled seat back entertainment. 

Until now, United has charged $5.99 for live television on
flights of less than two hours and $7.99 on longer flights. JetBlue, American,
Delta and Southwest already offer free live television.  

American will also enhance its entertaining offerings this
week. Beginning Friday, customers on American flights equipped with ViaSat
satellite WiFi will be able to stream Apple Music. 

The service will be free to those who already have an Apple
Music subscription. American customers who don’t subscribe to Apple Music will
be able to sign-up for a free three-month trial onboard.

American said 455 out of its approximately 800 domestic
aircraft are equipped with Viasat satellite WiFi.

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