United Hosts Events Worldwide for Girls in Aviation Day

United Airlines is demonstrating its commitment to leading in advancing women in the aviation industry. The carrier is celebrating Women in Aviation International’s annual Girls in Aviation Day at a record 14 locations around the world. This October.

More than 500 girls from various nonprofit organizations are participating in hands-on experiences set up by United and they have the chance to learn about various careers within the aviation industry from women who work in these roles.

“United is proud to celebrate Girls in Aviation Day, engaging girls around the world as they begin to think about their own futures, so we can ensure a strong future of women in the industry,” said Human Resources and Labor Relations Executive Vice President Kate Gebo. “We are proud to have a uniquely diverse workforce, but we recognize we also have more work to do to stay on this path and will continue to do all we can to inspire more women to pursue careers in aviation.”

United has worked to break down barriers and promote inclusion with Women in Aviation for nearly 30 years. The airline employs the most female pilots of any major carrier and provides scholarships for aspiring pilots.

“United takes meaningful action in their support of Women in Aviation International all year long. United’s Girls in Aviation Day events add forums in countries where the WAI Chapter network hasn’t yet reached, lighting the spark of opportunity in aviation for girls in countries all over the globe,” said Molly Martin, Outreach Director for Women in Aviation International. “The dedication to showing girls all the possibilities in aviation is real for United, and they are playing an important role in shaping the future face of aviation.”

The airline advocates for more than just the promotion of female pilots. United was also the first commercial airline to sponsor an all-female technicians team in the international aerospace skills competition.

Its cybersecurity team also has a large number of women, and United’s executive vice president of technology and chief digital officer Linda Jojo was recently named one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by the National Diversity Council.

United is celebrating Girls in Aviation Day around the world in Denver; Chicago; Newark; Washington Dulles; Houston; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Orlando; San Diego; Amsterdam; Paris; Edinburgh; Rome; and London.

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