United Airlines Will Match Your American or Delta Flier Status With 90-Day Promotion

United Airlines is offering those with frequent flier status at competing airlines the opportunity to become a United frequent flier — at the same tier they’re currently at.

The MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge will allow Delta Medallion gold members to experience United MileagePlus Premier Gold. Additionally, American Airlines Platinum Pro members can try out MileagePlus Premier Platinum.

But the challenge is only available for 90 days. If they want to keep the status beyond that, they must fly a certain number of flights within the 90-day period. To maintain Premier Silver status, within 90 days, you must fly four qualifying flights and earn 1,000 points. For gold, those numbers increase to six flights and 2,000 points. Travelers seeking platinum status must fly 10 flights and earn 3,000 points within a 90-day period.

To keep people from gaming the system the terms and conditions are as follows: you can’t transfer your status to MileagePlus if you only have status at the other airline based on a similar challenge, you can’t reapply for status match if you’ve already done the program within the past five years and you cannot earn a higher status than what you applied for within the 90-day period. 

Those who apply for the status match should hear back within seven to 14 days and should start booking those qualifying flights.

United completely revamped its MileagePlus program a few months ago so if you’re investigating the perks and tiers, check out Travel + Leisure's guide to see how it can work best for you. 

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