This Hotel Near LAX Is Giving Uber and Lyft Riders Free Cocktails For Braving the Airport's New Rideshare Process

When Los Angeles International Airport banned curbside pick up for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, things got a little complicated. But one area hotel is feeling travelers’ pain and is offering them a free drink to make up for it.

The AC Hotel Los Angeles South Bay, which is less than two miles from LAX, wants to help travelers relax after the stress of dealing with the airport’s new taxi process with a free cocktail named "LAXit," for everyone that took Uber or Lyft to the hotel.  

The boozy cocktail is made with vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and Cointreau, and topped with grapefruit and orange juice, garnished with a burnt orange wheel and basil leaf from the hotel's own rooftop garden.

A cockail at the AC Hotel

"I created the cocktail based off [the drink] 'Adios' which I thought might be fitting for the LAXit theme," Kayla Vidal, the food and beverage supervisor at the hotel, told Travel + Leisure. "The result is a citrus-forward, eye-opener that is sure to boost any weary traveler instantly."

And you may very well need that drink after dealing with the crowds at LAX, which will likely only get worse as travelers descend on the international airport for the start of the holiday season.

In October, the Los Angeles airport announced that rideshare apps and taxis would no longer be able to pick up passengers curbside in an effort to ease congestion, and would instead be relegated to a nearby parking lot. Passengers would have to be shuttled to that lot where they could order their ride.

However, chaos ensued when the new system was implemented, with some passengers waiting up to an hour to get picked up. Just a week after it first started, the airport expanded the size of the lot by 50 percent to help with wait times.

Riders who have made their way to the AC Hotel should present the bartender with proof of their harrowing rides (like a receipt and plane ticket) before sitting back and enjoying the reward after a long journey.

The drinks are limited to one per customer and, subject to availability, are on hand through Jan. 31, 2020.

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