Southwest 737 Max Makes Emergency Landing in Orlando

A Southwest Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft had to make an emergency landing today in Orlando.

The aircraft, which was being relocated to Los Angeles where it was to be stored while the planes are grounded, experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff from Orlando International Airport and was forced to return, according to the local Fox 35 affiliate.

According to the pilots, the reason the flight was turned back was due to engine trouble and not a problem related to the global grounding of the aircraft.

Still, the FAA will now look into the cause of the engine trouble and the plane will remain at Southwest’s maintenance facility in Orlando while an investigation takes place.

President Trump had previously ordered that all 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft be grounded and this flight, Southwest 8701 was en route to the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California for storage until the issue causing these planes to crash has been resolved.

Since the plane was only flying to Los Angeles to be stored, the aircraft had no passengers onboard.

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