SkyTeam Airlines Adopt SkyCare&Protect Safety Pledge

The SkyTeam global airline alliance co-founded by Delta Air Lines has announced the SkyCare&Protect pledge that has been adopted by all 19 of its airlines.

The series of new measures are designed to help protect passengers and airline employees.

“Twenty years ago today, SkyTeam was founded with the promise to care more about our customers,” said Walter Cho, chairperson of SkyTeam. “Although the world and our industry have drastically changed in the last six months, initiatives such as SkyCare&Protect are a shining example of the alliance’s commitment to look after customers when they travel across SkyTeam’s network.”

SkyCare&Protect incorporates the safety and hygiene practices from each member airline and recommendations from health and industry authorities.

“As we mark two decades since SkyTeam was established, we want our customers to know that SkyTeam and its member airlines have always made the personal safety of every passenger our number-one priority,” said Kristin Colvile, CEO and managing director of SkyTeam.

SkyCare&Protect is made up of 15 measures so far and includes five layers of protection.

These include creating a more touchless journey by enhancing digital offerings. All airlines provide passengers the ability to check-in digitally for their flights. Some airlines are adding self-baggage drop and boarding.

There is now increased cleaning of high-touch areas onboard the aircraft and in the airport. Cleaning wipes are also available on request for customers to further clean their spaces.

Most SkyTeam members’ fleets are equipped with hospital-grade High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These filters trap more than 99.95 percent of particles including bacteria and viruses and recirculate cabin air every three minutes.

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