See the Super Bloom at Los Angeles International Airport

Traveling through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can be a stressful experience. It’s crowded, there is tons of traffic and often the lines are long.

However, this spring, there is something at LAX that will bring a smile to the face of all travelers.

In a rare occurrence, LAX visitors can currently enjoy the sight of the famous super bloom between the runways of the airport.

Heavy winter rains brought a super bloom of lovely flowers to the airport, which isn’t too common in the Southern California city of Los Angeles.

If you want to see the largest concentration of flowers at LAX, you’ll find them on the north side of the airport between two runways. The area stretches about 10,880 feet.

While people are running out to the California countryside and causing chaotic traffic jams in cities like Lake Elisnore, all you have to do is look out your plane window as you land or takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport to see the historic super bloom.

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