Revealed: Deliveroo’s impact on the UAE economy

Delivery firm Deliveroo supports over 3,200 jobs across the economy of the UAE and generates AED533 million in revenue, according to a new report.

The report, by consultants Capital Economics, focuses on the increased revenues generated by restaurants and their suppliers, the spending of Deliveroo riders and employees, the spending by Deliveroo on its suppliers, and the tax generated by Deliveroo’s overall operations.

Of the jobs it supports in the UAE restaurant sector, 2,400 are in chain restaurants and 820 are in independent restaurants

Of the AED339 million incremental revenue for the UAE’s restaurant sector, AED286 million is to chain restaurants with the balance AED96 million to independent restaurants

A total of 62 percent of restaurants surveyed saw an increase in their ‘in-restaurant’ revenues as a result of partnering with Deliveroo, the report said.

It added that it Deliveroo continues to grow at its current rate, the report projects that the company’s operations would support somewhere in the region of 12,000 jobs and AED727 million of economic output in the UAE by 2020.

Anis Harb, general manager of Deliveroo in UAE, said: “Deliveroo in the UAE is constantly evolving from strength to strength. In many ways, our growth  helps fuel the corresponding growth of our restaurant partners.

“Deliveroo enables people to receive amazing restaurant food whenever and wherever they want it, which in turn adds value across the entire economy not only by safeguarding existing jobs through helping generate additional revenues, but also by the ripple effect of our activities on the wider economy. We’re proud to be making such a positive impact as we aim to ensure that more people have access to the diverse culinary offering that the UAE’s food and restaurant community has to offer.”

Globally, Deliveroo supports 67,000 jobs, which is on top of the 130,000 riders it employs and supports 59,000 additional jobs in the restaurant sectors across the economies of the markets in which it operates, the report noted.

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