Passenger Mauled by Emotional Support Dog Sues Delta Air Lines

A passenger who was attacked by an emotional support dog on a 2017 flight has filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the victim, Marlin Jackson, accuses Delta of failing to ensure his safety and allowing the animal to board without proper restraints after a large dog mauled him on a flight from Atlanta to San Diego.

Jackson said that during the 2017 flight, an emotional support dog was seated next to him as he began buckling his seatbelt when the animal started growling. After a moment, the dog attacked him, but was temporarily restrained before breaking loose and attacking again.

The lawsuit claims Jackson suffered injuries to his face and upper body which required 28 stitches and left him with permanent scars. Jackson said the entire row of seats had to be removed from the airplane due to the amount of blood spilled on them.

The lawsuit is for an unspecified amount and Delta officials said they could not comment on an ongoing court case. The airline did say it “continuously reviews and enhances its policies and procedures for animals onboard as part of its commitment to health, safety and protecting the rights of customers with disabilities.”

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