Now You Can Shop Online for Unclaimed Baggage

People from all over the country have descended—no pun intended—on Scottsboro, Alabama to shop at its famous Unclaimed Baggage store, a veritable thrift shop of clothing, jewelry and more from lost and unclaimed luggage.

The store, which TravelPulse profiled three years ago, buys, repurposes, recycles, and resells unclaimed baggage from the airlines.

But now you don’t have to travel to its brick-and-mortar 50,000-square foot facility.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the famous 50-year old Unclaimed Baggage store has gone online, allowing people to shop virtually for anything and everything.

And we do mean everything.

In addition to clothing—men’s, women’s, children’s—you’d be shocked to see what people pack in their suitcases that is available at Unclaimed Baggage. Items range from watches, sunglasses, headphones, iPads, books, toys, tools, laptops, cologne, perfume, jackets and even jewelry. In fact, Unclaimed Baggage has a diamond tennis bracelet on sale right now for $13,850.

And then there’s the non-traditional stuff.

According to Country Living, offbeat items include everything from a pole spear for spearfishing to Bavarian Lederhosen leather shorts and a trumpet.

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