Norwegian Air Flight Attendants Must Provide Doctor's Note to Not Wear High Heels

For a country like Norway renowned for its measures in women’s equality, it’s a bit of a surprise to hear that their airline, Norwegian Air, has dated uniform requirements for its flight attendants.

According to a 22-page dress code, female flight attendants have to wear high heels while at work, unless they have a doctor’s note.

News broke about this policy on April 16 which states that flight attendants must have “a doctor’s note at all times and update it every six months if they want to wear flat shoes.”

A representative for Norwegian Air told The Independent that their flight attendants can wear flat shoes while flying, but must wear high heels outside of the cabin such as when entering or exiting the plane.

“Like all global airlines, Norwegian has a comprehensive set of uniform guidelines to ensure that our flying crew represent our brand in a smart and consistent manner,” said an airline rep, according to The Independent. “The guidelines were drafted with input from our pilot and cabin crew colleagues and have been well received, sharing many gender commonalities in addition to some specific male and female requirements.”

Additionally, these female flight attendants must wear eye makeup and light face makeup, though men cannot unless it’s to cover acne or bruises.

“It is almost comical that we face these issues in 2019,” Ingrid Hodnebo, a spokesperson for Norwegian’s Socialist Left Party, told local media. “While the rest of society has moved on, Norwegian is stuck in the ‘Mad Men’ universe from the 1950s and 60s.”

“Uniform requirements are one thing, but to impose heels and makeup is going too far,” said Anette Trettebergstuen, the Norwegian Labour Party’s women’s spokesperson. “The year 1950 rang and it wants its rulebook back. This is super embarrassing and they should have progressed further.”

Even doctors are calling out Norwegian Air on Twitter.

Pediatric emergency physician in Tampa, Florida, offered to provide a doctor’s note for these female flight attendants, citing how “chronic use of high heels is a known risk factor for chronic feet, knee and back pain.”

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