Mexico City Airport is Getting a Third, Maybe Fourth Terminal

Mexico City International Airport has crafted the plans for a third passenger terminal and a fourth terminal is being considered.

The third terminal plans are being drawn up according to Gerardo Ferrando, CEO of the Mexico City Airport Group. It’s expected to open next year.

The third terminal will be used for arriving passengers, which will ease crowding at the other terminals.

With a fourth terminal, Mexico’s busiest airport could better manage the increasing number of passengers.

“There are certain discomforts at T1 and T2, that’s why T3 is coming and eventually T4. Everything that will be done is for greater comfort,” Ferrando said.

Yesterday, a new Mexico City airport was announced. It will be built north of Mexico City near Santa Lucia and will be completed by June 2021. The airport will be built by the military and will replace a project that was canceled by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The airport is expected to have a starting capacity of 20 million passengers, according to Reuters.

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