Japan Airlines Allows Customers to See Where Babies Are Sitting on Flights

Japan Airlines has introduced a tool on its website that allows passengers to see where babies will be sitting when booking their flights.

According to The Today Show, when travelers book seats for children between eight days old and two years old through the official website of Japan Airlines, a child icon will appear on the seat selection screen to show other passengers where they will be sitting.

While the new technology will work when families book their travel through the carrier’s website, the child icon will not appear if the airline has to change the aircraft for the flight or the booking is made through a secondary site.

Many social media users applauded the change due to the frustration associated with traveling alongside a crying baby, but others were more understanding of the struggles for parents who are flying with small children.

To help accommodate passengers flying with small children, Japan Airlines also offers other services to improve the experience, including priority boarding, diaper-changing facilities and even the inclusion of strollers as free checked baggage.

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