FAA Says Individual Countries Will Decide When to Return 737 Max to the Air

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a statement regarding the Boeing 737 Max during a meeting in Montreal where they met with safety regulators from around the world to discuss the ongoing efforts to return the jetliner to service.

There were more than 50 invited officials in attendance, all of whom will play a role in clearing the aircraft for further flight in their respective nations.

Key announcements included a commitment to a thorough process. And the FAA said that it would not follow a “prescribed timeline” for returning the aircraft to service but would maintain a “collaborative relationship with other civil aviation authorities as we continue our review of changes to software on the Boeing 737 MAX,” according to the statement.

The FAA said that its first commitment is to safety.

The statement also noted that “each government will make its own decision to return the aircraft to service, based on a thorough safety assessment.”

The planes have been grounded since March 13, 2019, after two fatal crashes. No update as to when the aircraft will be recertified was provided.

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