Emirates airline, Etihad Airways flights to Mumbai disrupted by rain

Flights from the UAE to Mumbai were disrupted and delayed on Friday night due to heavy rains in India’s largest city.

Both UAE carriers, Emirates airline and Etihad Airways, experienced difficulties following the torrential downpours, which saw more than 200mm of rain flood parts of Mumbai.

A spokesperson for Emirates said: “Emirates flight EK 508 from Dubai to Mumbai on July 26 was diverted to Ahmedabad due to adverse weather conditions. The flight landed uneventfully in Ahmedabad and continued its journey to Mumbai with a total delay of five hours and 10 minutes.

“Subsequently, due to crew duty time limitations, Emirates flight EK 509 from Mumbai to Dubai was rescheduled for the following day (Saturday).”

Passengers were accommodated in hotels overnight.

A spokesperson from Etihad also confirmed that flight EY204 from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on Friday was diverted to Ahmedabad. The flight continued to its destination once weather conditions improved.

The return flight from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi EY204 also reported a delay of three hours and 30 minutes.

They said: “We regret any inconvenience caused. The safety and comfort of our guests and crew is our highest priority.”

Both airlines confirmed that flights from the UAE to Mumbai were operating normally on Saturday.

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