Dubai’s Jetex moves into ultra-luxury concierge services, aircraft sales

Dubai-headquartered Jetex Flight Support has expanded into providing bespoke concierge and travel services tailored to the unique needs of ultra-high net worth individuals, according to CEO Adel Mardini.

Launched at the Dubai Airshow in 2005, Jetex has a network of fix-base operators [FBOs] around the world, as well as ground handling and aircraft fuelling services.

In an interview with Arabian Business, Mardini said that Jetex’s customer base is largely made up of ultra-high net worth executives, officials and celebrities.

Previous customers have included Manchester United football club and actors Will Smith, Pierce Brosnan and Shah Rukh Khan, all of whom have flown from Jetex’s luxury FBO in Dubai.

Bespoke travel service

In response to customer requests, Mardini said that the company has formed a specialised internal department that organises bespoke concierge and travel services, with varying prices that can go into the millions of dollars.

“That means exceptional experiences – the full package. If you’re flying to Dubai or to the Maldives, it’s not just that you’re coming in a private jet. If you need hotel bookings, tour operators, yachts, anything, we can do that,” he said.

“For us, this is part of the job,” Madini added. “It is part of the business that our customers’ demands. The like how we treated them and our service, so they asked us for more.”

As an example, Mardini highlighted a recent two-week journey planned for “one of the world’s big names”, although he did not identify the customer.

“The customer asked us to plan a trip to Tanzania,” he said. “We rented them a private jet, a helicopter, arranged a safari and got them a villa with security and a private butler and chef. Everything. That’s the kind of thing we deliver.”

Exclusive dealer

In December last year, Jetex struck a deal with Honda Aircraft Company to become its exclusive authorised dealer for HondaJet in the Gulf and across the Middle East.

Jetex has said it has already received “tremendous interest” in the HondaJet Elite, a second-generation private aircraft that is considered the fastest, furthest and highest-flying plane in its class.

“We’ll be selling the aircraft and doing all the service out of our base in Dubai. It is full support: sales, logistics and maintenance,” Mardini said. “This is all part of us increasing our portfolio, being an aircraft dealer on top of what we are doing.”

According to Mardini, around the world there are approximately 140 HondaJets in operation, with another 20 slated for delivery before the end of the year. Jetex, for its part, is expecting the first delivery of a demo aircraft in September, followed by a second in time for the Dubai Airshow in November.

“I can see good potential in this,” Mardini added. “It’s still a new product on the market, but I believe that when people start flying on it, they’ll like it.”

Additionally, Mardini said that Jetex was open to selling other aircraft in the future, provided that they do not stand in competition with the HondaJet.

“100 percent, yes. But [only] if the aircraft does not compete with the size of the HondaJet,” he said.

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