Drunk Passenger Has Meltdown Over Not Being Served a Pepsi

A woman was detained and reportedly banned from flying TAP Air Portugal following a drunken meltdown over a Pepsi onboard a flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Malaga, Spain earlier this month.

According to the Daily Mail, the unidentified Spanish woman was seen taking shots from a flask when she requested the soft drink after boarding the March 9 flight. Witnesses said she became enraged when flight attendants informed her that they would only be serving fruit juice on the 90-minute flight.

“She was getting out of her seat, her face was bright red,” a male passenger who was on the same flight told the Daily Mail. “Her hands had turned into claws. She looked like a demon. She was the worst passenger I have ever seen on an airline and I fly quite a lot.”

The witness said the woman, who had trouble standing on her own, appeared drunk before she even boarded and that she wanted to mix the Pepsi with her alcohol. She also got into an argument with the crew over where to store her bag.

“Stewardesses were telling her you have to put it away but she was like ‘no.’ She started speaking English and said ‘I have my books, I have my jewelry, I have my money in there—I need my bag.'” the male passenger added. “But this lady was out of control, she was drunk, she was aggressive, she was abusive, she was chucking food, she wanted her bag, she wasn’t taking any notice of airline safety procedures and she just got let on [the flight].”

“She started screaming more. She was jibbering that her house was in Spain and that she was Spanish,” he added.

Woman looks ‘possessed’ during in-flight meltdown over a Pepsi https://t.co/wqOgX9LG5C pic.twitter.com/AvUlK9FQlS

The flight was met by police upon landing and the woman was taken into custody and reportedly told by the captain that she was banned from flying with TAP Air ever again.

This news comes just days after an intoxicated airline passenger allegedly urinated on a woman’s luggage aboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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