‘Connected for life’: Southwest flight attendant, American Airlines CEO reunite months after tearful talk about race

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest Airlines flight attendant JacqueRae Hill have evidently kept in touch since having an emotional discussion about racism on a Southwest flight this this spring.

“This weekend, my wife Gwen and I had the pleasure of having dinner with JacqueRae Hill and her fiancée, Rashard Sullivan,” Parker wrote in a LinkedIn post on Monday.

At the time of their first meeting, Hill was fed up and feeling defeated by the racial unrest gripping the country.

The 38-year-old Dallas woman, who is African American, ended the day in high spirits thanks to a 10-minute conversation sparked by a book, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism,” by Robin DiAngelo, in the seatback pocket of a passenger in row 25 on a flight to Florida.

“It changed how I was thinking and what I was thinking,” Hill said in an interview with USA TODAY at the time. “It’s just been such a blessing to me.”

The passenger: Parker, the white CEO of Southwest rival American.

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