Boeing Announces 737 MAX Software Fix is Complete, Awaiting Approval

Boeing officials announced Thursday the software update for 737 MAX planes has been completed and the company is working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to certify the fleet once again.

According to, Boeing has submitted a pilot training plan to the FAA and is looking to schedule a certification test flight, which would clear the 737 MAX planes for flight after they were grounded in March following two fatal crashes.

The FAA will now host a meeting on May 23 in Fort Worth, Texas, with regulators from around the world to update them on the 737 MAX software update and pilot training. Each nation must independently approve the Boeing plane before it is cleared once again for flights.

While American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have removed the planes from service through August 19 and August 5, respectively, airline industry officials are hoping the 737 MAX fleet will be permitted to fly again this summer.

If the grounded planes are approved before the August dates, the 737 MAX will be used as spare jets. The FAA also said Thursday that Boeing had not yet submitted its final software package for approval.

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