Baby Born on Flight Gets Lifetime Ticket

This will be one baby on board for the rest of its life.

A newborn entered the world early last week when a woman gave birth on the plane mid-flight.

And talk about worldly. The mother was from Yemen. The plane was an EgyptAir flight that departed from Cairo. It was headed to London. The pilot diverted to Munich because of the emergency.

Mother and child are doing well. In fact, EgyptAir said the baby will receive free flights for life from the airline after navigating such a wild beginning to life. Imagine? As if birth isn’t tough enough but to do it in the confined spaces of an airplane in a pressurized cabin? Maybe Mom should get free flights as well.

The woman, Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban, reportedly went into labor mid-flight, prompting the pilot to initiate an emergency landing while in German airspace. But baby decided to make its appearance before touching down in Munich and was safely delivered on board.

Gizmodo, which first reported the story, is trying to get clarification on the “lifetime” part, however. The media outlet noted that the congratulations relayed by the pilot of the flight said the airline was ‘pleased to present the child with a free ticket for life on Munich flights.’ It’s unclear if the gift is just for EgyptAir flights back and forth to Munich or on any route that EgyptAir flies. Gizmodo is saiting for the airline to clarify.

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