Alaska Airlines pegs Hawaii discounts to wave heights

Alaska Airlines is leveraging data on wave size this week to offer discounts on Hawaii tickets.

The Swell Deals promotion, which Alaska is offering in partnership with the global surf forecasting site, applies to tickets purchased by Nov. 8 for travel through Nov. 20.

The carrier said it will monitor waves at 14 Hawaii sites in real time. If swells are 10 feet or less, airfare discounts will be 10%. The discounts will increase in concert with wave heights up to a maximum of 30% for swells of 21 feet or more. Alaska said it will update the discounts daily during the promotion at approximately noon and 5.p.m PST each day. Discount levels during the promotion can never drop once they reach higher thresholds, only grow.

“This is just a start of how Alaska will use data and experiences to help customers enjoy more of what they love,” the carrier said in a press release. “Today, it’s catching a wave, tomorrow it may be getting out on the slopes when the powder is fresh.”

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