These Coffee Subscription Services Let You Try Blends From Around the World

Various bags of coffee

Whether you can't start your day without a cup of joe or prefer a leisurely afternoon espresso, there's no doubt that your coffee drinking habits have changed since the pandemic started. And if you're looking for a way to change up your routine at home, a coffee subscription might be just what you're looking for.

From monthly boxes filled with coffees from around the world to a versatile coffee concentrate that will be delivered to your door every two to six weeks, there are plenty of options out there for every type of coffee drinker. These subscriptions will allow you to try new blends then send you new suggestions based on your preferences, allowing you to become the coffee connoisseur you've always dreamed of being.

Keep reading for our favorite coffee subscription services.

Atlas Coffee Club

Three bags of coffee

If you're interested in trying coffees from around the world, Atlas Coffee Club is your perfect resource. With this subscription, you'll receive a bag of coffee and accompanying postcard from a new country each month, allowing you to feel like you're traveling the world from your kitchen table.

To buy:, from $9

Trade Coffee

Various bags of coffee

Trade Coffee allows you to try coffee from roasters all over the U.S., including Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, CA and Quills Coffee in Louisville, KY. Just take a simple quiz and Trade will match you with a coffee that you'll be sure to love.

To buy:, from $15

Driftaway Coffee

Coffee subscription box

Driftaway Coffee is a Brooklyn-based company that roasts its own beans. You can subscribe for whole bean or ground coffee deliveries weekly, biweekly, or monthly, so you'll never be short on your morning brew. Plus, there's a separate subscription option just for cold brew lovers.

To buy:, from $15

Copper Cow Coffee

Vietnamese coffee poured in mug

If you're a fan of Vietnamese coffee (or you'd like to try something new), then Copper Cow Coffee's subscription box is for you. The brand's Classic Subscription includes 22 coffee filters featuring Robusta and Arabica blends, as well as 22 creamers made from sweetened condensed milk. Depending on how often you drink coffee, you can choose whether your box comes every one or two months.

To buy:, from $35

Bean Box

Various bags of coffee

Bean Box offers two types of coffee subscriptions: a Coffee Sampler and Coffee of the Month Club. The Sampler option will give you "a monthly tour of Seattle's top coffees" with four different 1.8-ounce bags. The Coffee of the Month Club, on the other hand, will send you a new 12-ounce bag of whole-bean coffee each month, complete with tasting notes and brewing tips.

To buy:, from $24

Jot Ultra Coffee

Bottle of coffee concentrate

If you prefer iced coffee (or if brewing with whole beans or grounds just isn't your thing), Jot makes getting your morning caffeine fix as easy as possible. All you need is one tablespoon of Jot's Ultra Coffee concentrate and your preferred milk or water and you can create endless hot and cold drink combinations. A Jot subscription allows you to get a new bottle delivered to your door between every two and six weeks, depending on your preference.

To buy:, from $20

Blue Bottle Coffee

Pour over coffee with bag of blue bottle coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a cult-favorite brand and cafe chain, but you can also enjoy its delicious blends at home. You can customize your monthly subscription based on the type of coffee drinker you are, which means you can choose from a variety of blends, espresso, and decaf. You can also opt for gift subscriptions if you're feeling generous.

To buy:, from $11

Intelligentsia Coffee

Bag of coffee and mug

Intelligentsia's subscription service allows you to enter your taste preferences and the brand will guide you to selecting your new favorite coffee. And if coffee isn't your thing, you can also purchase a tea subscription.

To buy:, from $21

La Colombe Coffee

Various boxes of coffee

No matter what type of coffee drinker you are, you can find one that fits your taste and have it delivered to your door every one to four weeks. In addition to best-selling light and dark roast blends, you can also include La Colombe's cold brew and draft lattes in your subscription.

To buy:, from $13

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