The ultimate hotel check-in, complete with 24-carat gold iPad

This was a tweet that certainly caught my eye this week: @BurjAlArab: “Today we launched exclusive 24 carat gold iPads, designed specifically for Burj Al Arab, for our in-house guests.”  Yes… that’s right… guests checking at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai are being treated to 24 carat gold iPads for the duration of the stay.  The devices are engraved with the name of the hotel on the back and come pre-installed with software that acts as a virtual concierge.

The news follows an earlier (and somewhat more modest!) announcement that the hotel has installed iMacs in all its suites. The Burj teamed up with London-based Gold & Co. to offer the iPads which are said to be worth $10,000 each. Unfortunately for the guests, they don’t get to keep them when they leave…

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