Just like everything else in the world, slot machines have evolved over time. The classic slot machines gradually gained more paylines, and more symbols were introduced, such as wild symbols that work in the same way as a joker. Other slot machines received jackpots, both progressive and fixed.

When we took the step into the computer age, slot machines were developed at an enormous speed, and several of these became what we today call video slots. After video slots were introduced, the slot machines got a touchscreen, and some had as many as 5 reels and 30-40 paylines.

Online slot machines were first programmed in Java, and many may remember the rather ugly gray squares that came into view before the game was to load. Java technology was limited graphically, and it was only when Flash and HTML5 technology was developed that slot games became popular.


There is a huge selection of online game developers. One of the biggest and most popular is Swedish Net Entertainment, but there are many more that you may not have heard of. IGT, Cryptologic, Betsoft, and Microgaming are just some of the developers that exist.

netent logoNetEnt has grown rapidly and if you play at an online casino today, you can almost be sure that you will find games from famous Net Entertainment there. Games from NetEnt are fast, have good graphics, and many slot machines contain special features that make them unique and exciting! Net Entertainment is behind the slot machines Jack and the Beanstalk, Mega Joker and Starburst slot.

Cryptologic logoCryptologic’s most vital point is that they have many sponsored slot machines. Cryptologic succeeds in this as they collaborate with both Marvel, DC Comics and other film producers. Cryptologic may not have games in the top tier today, but we hope to see some more unique slot machines with exclusive features in the future.

betsoft logoBetsoft is perhaps the game developer with the most fun slot machines, thanks to their Slots3 series. The games have enormously lovely 3D graphics, fantastic sound effects and are also packed with unique features. If Betsoft gets some international recognition, they may be able to beat Net Entertainment in the future!

igt logoIGT is another game developer that maintains a generally high quality of its slot machines. IGT is best known for delivering land-based slot machines and does not offer online slot machines where the market is considered a gray area. This is probably what has prevented them from belonging to the group of the most well-known online game developers.

microgaming logo

Microgaming is the most well-known gaming company internationally, and their slot machines are found in many online casinos around the world. Microgaming has slot machines that maintain a high quality, but some do not ooze quite as much quality.

quickspin logoQuickspin is another game developer who has just launched its first slot machine, namely Rapunzel’s Tower. You can play this slot at We see that this new challenger can quickly come in with a bang in the gaming world, and we look forward to following along!


Something frequently discussed on various gaming forums is how big the chances of winning online slot machines are. The answer is that the chances of winning vary, but usually, this is between 95% and 98%.

In practice, this means that if you play forever, you will get back between 95% and 98% of what you have bet. Licensed gaming companies must state their RTP, so if you do not find this information on the casino pages, you should contact the support department to access this information.

slot rtp

As an active casino customer, the percentage of return is something you should keep an eye on. Many blacklisted online casinos have an extremely low RTP, and then it is wise to stay as far away from these as possible! All our partners state an actual payout percentage on their pages and are definitely in the top class when it comes to this.

The outcome of slot machines at the online casinos we work with is determined by an RNG, Random Number Generator. All gaming companies must have one in place to be licensed. This is another security for us who play casino online!


Slot machines are pure luck games, and you can therefore never know in advance if you will go in the plus or minus. Making a living on slot machines is certainly not a good idea, as the expected payback percentage is less than 100%.

There are various tactics you can use when playing on slot machines. We recommend that you always play on all paylines available on the slot machine. This is to make it easier to activate bonus games and free spin mode to yield big wins. Another tactic is that one can use a progressive betting model. This model is not specific to slot machines and can also be used on all casino games. This means that you increase your efforts as you have built up a bankroll. Of course, you only do this if you are willing to take the risk this entails with you, and at the same time, the opportunity to win bigger prizes.


Slot machines are, and always will be, the most popular online casino game. Slot machines have interested people for decades, and it will continue to do so for all time to come. Not everyone likes slot machines, as they are only luck-based, but many love them.

It is important to play responsibly and take care so that it does not become too much. It can go extremely fast on online slot machines, so here you simply have to use common sense as with everything else. Casino games should be entertaining, so it is important not to play for more than you can afford.

Then all that remains is to welcome you to the slot machine jungle and the excitement that awaits. We hope you finally find your favorite online slot machine – one thing is for sure, you have plenty to choose from!