Own a private island paradise in Brazil

Luxury accommodation doesn’t get more desirable than living on an island. What’s even better than that is a private island. Even better? A private island off the coast of Brazil, accessible by helicopter, with sandy beaches, individual bungalows for each guest and chefs, and maids and helpers to cater for your every need and whim.

The island

The Island of Mana (not to be confused with an island of the same name off the coast of New Zealand) is one island within the archipelago in the popular and luxurious area of Angra Dos Reis, Brazilian Portuguese for ‘Anchor of the Kings.’ The serene island is visible from mainland Brazil, from the port of Bracuhy, but, for privacy, it is only accessible by boat or helicopter, adding a touch of 007 class.

The house

In keeping with the sense of complete privacy and tranquillity, the only buildings on the island are 4 individual bungalows, each with a stylish bedroom suite and bathroom, and a larger main house, with a living room, 2 additional bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen and dining room. Officially this Brazilian paradise can sleep 8 people, although if you’re entertaining brave family and friends, they may be tempted to camp on the beautiful lawns or decks, truly going back to nature during their island retreat!

The landscape

As far as natural beauty hotspots go, Angra Dos Reis has to be celebrated for its wildlife, natural springs, sparkling sea and majestic palm trees. Nature is put to good use on the Island of Mana, with electricity for the bungalows and main house being provided by solar panels, and the island’s water supply coming from fresh and natural sources. If swimming in the sea is not for you, the island also features a fresh water pool in the grounds, and a boat for exploring your private new home!

The local area

Being a private island, the Island of Mana is home to just the house, with nowhere to go out, buy food or meet other people. Luckily, the port of Bracuhy in Rio is just 3 miles away, and less than 3 hours drive from Bracuhy is the heart of Rio de Janeiro, making local Brazilian entertainment, nightlife, shopping opportunities and great food easily reachable by boat or helicopter and car. Just make sure you leave the map reading to your pilot or captain after a night of caipirinhas with your fellow Cariocas!

Emma Walsh-Knutson is the Marketing and Communications Director at WhereInRio Luxury Real Estate.

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