Don’t worry, just travel!

Have you heard the music of the sea organ in Croatia and danced the flamenco in Spain? Have you woken up to lakes and rivers, jungles and cities, seen the summer sun set in a spectrum of beautiful and astonishing places around the world? If you are in love with travel and travelling, you’re probably going to like TraveLibro.

TraveLibro is what happens when the social network meets the travel resource. It is 700+ detailed Itineraries, 160 destination profiles and a regularly updated Blog on all things travel. It is individual profile pages, personal travel trackers, multiple travel agent offers and a place to share your photos and stories on a colourful, vibrant platform.

The editor makes itineraries for a large variety of travellers. There are itineraries for romantics in search of a second honeymoon, and parents seeking restaurants for a large group of kids. There are recommendations for budget-watchers and for sybarites on the lookout for the ultimate luxury experience.

Travelling should never be a stressful experience. You shouldn’t have to spend hours doing research or stumbling around with an out-of-date map to find an obscure hotel. TraveLibro takes care of the research and carefully prepares detailed recommendations for hotels, restaurants and activities. This combines to create a vast portal with a range of personalisation features for everyone from backpackers to pilgrims, adventure-seekers to luxury travelers and everything in between.

What else? Oh yes, it’s free!

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