Taste of Wichita: Kansas city known for BBQ, pizza and steak blazes new epicurean trail

Just as the state of Kansas offers visitors more to see than fields of sunflowers, its largest city, Wichita, offers foodies more to eat than steak and barbecue.

Once a major cattle-drive stop along the Chisholm Trail, Wichita is now a formidable food city with a diverse dining scene that’s at one moment homey and the next no place like home.

That’s no surprise. After all, Wichita shook off the dust of the cattle trail to become the “Air Capital of the World” thanks to aviation pioneers such as Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna and Bill Lear.

Likewise, the food has come a long way since Pizza Hut was founded here in 1958. You can find great pizza, steak and barbecue, but also elegant dining, finely made chocolates and farm-to-table dishes designed to promote health.

“I feel the people in Wichita are very well-cultured,” says Georges Youssef, owner of Georges French Bistro. “We just have great people.”

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