Happy National Roller Coaster Day: Revisiting some of America’s most iconic thrill rides

Sunday is National Roller Coaster Day. Normally, I’d implore you to put your phone away, make tracks for the nearest amusement park, and mark the occasion by screaming like a ninny on a thrill machine. But, you know, COVID.

Sure, some parks are open, and some coasters are rolling. If there is one near you, go for it. But now, in the summer of our discontent, the only ups and downs that many of us are contemplating are the ones on coronavirus and unemployment charts.

Oh, how we long for this thing to be over and to return to normal. In that spirit, let’s honor Roller Coaster Day by taking a look at some of the most iconic rides in the U.S. They aren’t the latest and greatest, nor are they necessarily the best.

But these are the coasters that have stood the test of time, captured our imaginations, and caused lots and lots of knuckles to turn white. They are the ones that have been there through good times and bad and will be there when this thing is over. Let’s look forward to the day when we can ceremoniously toss our facemasks and hand sanitizer into the trash and take a victory lap together aboard one of these iconic coasters.

Coney Island Cyclone, Luna Park

Brooklyn, New York

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