15 People Reveal How They Make Their Partner Feel Special & It’s So Sweet

If rom-coms looked anything like real life, there would be far less impromptu beach vacations and far more waiting in line at the grocery store and suddenly remembering that you forgot to put on deodorant. Though being in love is undoubtedly magical, a relationship is still real life, and some days family drama and work meetings get in the way of roses and champagne. Of course, even on the busiest day, knowing how to make your partner feel special can be a great way to remind them how much they mean to you.

While lavish vacations and glamorous presents are nice (and surely quite welcome), showing your boo how special you think they are doesn’t have to cost a thing. Maybe you send them a goodnight text wishing them sweet dreams or clean up the kitchen after they head to bed. Whether you invite their little brother over for dinner or stop by their work with snacks when they have a long meeting. Giving your boo a little extra loving comes in all shapes and sizes.

Elite Daily asked 15 people about the ways they make their partner feel loved, and what they said is even better than a rom-com.

1. With Little Surprises

—McKenna, 24

2. By Listening

— Ross, 23

3. Letting Them Take The AUX Cord

— Jamie, 22

4. With Cooking

— Heeyoon, 26

5. With Big Gestures

— Alix, 25

6. By Being There

— Soraya, 23

7. Complimenting Them

— Sophie, 26

8. Seeing Them During The Day

— Mora, 24

9. Cleaning Up Their House

— Jenna, 26

10. Checking In When You’re Apart

— Alesin, 22

11. Being On Time

— Jonah, 24

12. With Flowers!

— Keenan, 26

13. Connecting With Their Family

— Zo, 27

14. With Special Moments Of Care

— Lu, 27

15. By Believing They Are Special

— Cameron, 21

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