10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials On YouTube & TikTok For Last-Minute Looks

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! And sure, the date of the spooky holiday never changes, so there’s really no excuse to not be ready, but that’s not how it usually goes. In fact, I never know what I’m going to be on Oct. 31 until I have about an hour to decide. That said, an easy Halloween makeup tutorial is always a life saver in this situation. Sometimes, they’re so helpful and involved, you don’t even need a costume to go with it.

This comes as no surprise to anyone, but Halloween is going to look different this year. There won’t be (or at least, there shouldn’t be) big, blow-out parties, and several places have placed restrictions on trick-or-treating. You’ll need more than a costume mask — meaning, you’ll need a real face and nose covering — to leave your house. But even with all these rules, you can still get into the spirit by doing a ghoulish look.

Though I love putting on makeup, I’m nowhere near good enough to do some of the intricate looks BeauTubers and TikTokers alike are creating. Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials in the world that work for every skill level. You can go for makeup as your entire costume or find the perfect look to top off your outfit. Before you fall into a hole of the millions of videos out there and get overwhelmed, see the 10 easiest Halloween makeup tutorials below to celebrate Spooky Day.

Spider Eyes

For a super creepy, realistic look, Tina Halada’s "Spider Illusion Makeup Tutorial" is not too difficult to recreate. What really sells it for me are the shadows; it truly looks like the legs are popping off your face.

Pop Art Queen

You don’t need to be able to speak Spanish to turn your face into a Roy Lichtenstein piece. Alexabeautyy doesn’t use an overwhelming amount of products to get this graphic look, so you don’t need to run to Sephora before getting to work. And, with this makeup on, you don’t even need to worry about finding a costume.

Pumpkin King

From Jack O’Lanterns to the Headless Horseman to Jack Skellington, there are a bunch of classic Halloween references you can make with LC Dawn’s tutorial. Just make sure you have some face-friendly tape on hand so you can get ultra-straight lines.

Totally Witchin’

Double, double toil and trouble with these boiling cauldron eyes by Chloeandcos. This eye makeup is perfect for showing off some Halloween cheer above your mask.

Making Up A Look About Coraline

Reading Coraline for the first time as a child was one of the scariest things I’d ever done. To give credit to your first spook by dressing up as the character will get you both spooky and nostalgic points. If you have a yellow raincoat or a striped shirt, then all you need is Vocallyshook’s "Coraline Halloween Makeup Tutorial" to complete the transformation.

Cereal Killer

Everyone loves a punny costume, but a cereal killer makeup look also gives you a chance to show off your mad skills. People will still get what your costume is with pretty much anything else you wear.

Vintage Glam

If you prefer to be more boo-tiful and glamorous on Halloween, Cydney XO’s "Pin Up Doll" look pairs well with any vintage dresses you have hiding in your wardrobe. You may even end up wanting to do this classically pretty routine everyday.


There’s a surprising amount of Purge makeup going around TikTok, but my favorite tutorial I’ve seen is lourosacorbitt’s. After going over her white lining with a hot pink shade, she added thin lines of white, which really made her face look like it was lit up in neon.


Who knew that all you really needed to do to get a mermaid look was a pair of fishnets and iridescent eyeshadows? Not me. You can go as colorful or monochromatic as you like, just don’t skimp on the sparkle.

Crime Scene

Another fun, unique option for your makeup is a crime scene look. Although this one does require yellow face paint and fake blood, it still doesn’t require a herculean amount of effort to do. It’s a perfect look for a horror movie marathon.

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