TravelPulse Podcast: Rental Car Woes, Bogus Reviews, Leaf-Peeping Tips and More

Travel expert Mark Murphy is all new this week with another episode of the TravelPulse Podcast.

This week, Murphy details his miserable experience with Sixt rent-a-car in South Florida after the car he reserved was unavailable and he was told he’d have to pay more for an upgraded vehicle.

“We hope Sixt listens. Please, give us feedback. I will gladly state your corporate policy on a future podcast. Shout out to Sixt. Is it a bad employee? Is it someone who isn’t properly trained or somebody who’s just lazy? Or is it your corporate policy? Let us know.”

Listen to episode eight of “TravelPulse: The Intersection of Travel—Where Politics, Finance, and Travel Meet” in its entirety below:

Murphy also once again warns of the potential pitfalls of trusting online reviews.

“It’s always great to read what other people are telling you about their experience. The problem you have is that if you don’t know those people personally, how in the hell do you judge their judgment?” he asks.

It can also be extremely difficult to gauge the legitimacy of the reviews, especially in wake of a fake TripAdvisor being sentenced to jail time in Italy.

“If you have a great rating on TripAdvisor and you’re the general manager of that hotel, then your bonus is higher as a result. So that obviously incentivizes you to make sure people are giving you good reviews. Now, what could that lead to? Could someone actually pay someone to write good reviews? Uh, yeah. That’s what some do.”

Later, Murphy breaks down his recent experience at Hotel Xcaret Mexico and provides recommendations to help future guests maximize their stay before talking fall foliage travel tips and more.

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