Tickets for Villains Events at Disney World Now On Sale

It’s good to be a little bad sometimes! At Disney World, visitors will be treated to special Disney Villains After Hours events on select nights this summer from June 6 to August 8, with tickets going on sale Monday.

The Disney Villains After Hours celebrations at the Magic Kingdom Park features a party DJ entertaining travelers and transforming the entire Central Plaza into a killer club scene. The caretaker for the Villains Unite the Night show will be Hades from the popular movie Hercules.

The show features Hades waiting for a prophecy to come true when a cadre of other Disney Villains interrupt his party, including Jafar, The Queen, Dr. Facilier and Maleficent. Each of the antagonists is fighting to rule the entire Disney universe.

“I think guests will really be impressed with Villains Unite the Night,” Disney Parks Live Entertainment managing producer Kate Pappas said. “This show is going to be more than 20 minutes long and run three times each night of the event, so everyone will have a chance to see all these great Villains on stage. Add in our amazing DJ, and the hub of the park will be pulsing with energy all night long!”

Guests will be able to enjoy the Maleficent Dragon breathing fire, as he will be let loose at night for the first time. The bad guys will also make their way to Tomorrowland, where they will invade Space Mountain and take visitors on a villainous trip they won’t soon forget.

In Adventureland, a live crew of scurvy scalawags invades Pirates of the Caribbean in search of treasure.

The Disney Villains After Hours events include food and beverage selections, exclusive event merchandise and low wait times at more than 20 attractions and experiences across the park. Tickets for the villain-inspired events are $139 plus tax in advance or $144 plus tax on the event night.

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