LISTEN: Travel Agents Insights, Air Travel Tips and More on the TravelPulse Podcast

The TravelPulse Podcast is all-new this week as travel expert Mark Murphy breaks down the latest news and hottest topics in the world of travel.

In episode 17, Murphy details the current state of travel agents and explains how and why they’ve made such an impressive comeback in spite of existing challenges.

“Travelers are returning because they’ve gotten burned, they’ve gotten bad advice, they went to a single supplier, they had a limited view of what to do, they did it and they came back and kicked themselves,” he said. “Then they’re like ‘ugh, I can’t get that time back and I can’t get that money back.'”

“As an informed traveler, you want a travel agent to help you out in any non-basic booking.”

Later, Murphy reveals some interesting facts you probably never knew about airplanes and air travel before attempting to wrap his head around a pair of wild stories, including a viral hang-gliding mishap in Switzerland and an Amtrak Acela Express Train that lost power for five hours, forcing passengers to use makeshift toilets.

Murphy also dishes on the newest asset available to today’s travel agents.

“If you’re a travel agent listening, we’ve launched the AGENTatHOME Community. We have thousands of agents active on this platform, we’re adding 100-200 a day and they’re sharing some great ideas,” he said.

Listen to episode 17 of “TravelPulse: The Intersection of Travel—Where Politics, Finance, and Travel Meet” in its entirety below:

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