LISTEN: State of the Hospitality Industry and More on the TravelPulse Podcast

The TravelPulse Podcast is back and live from New York!

Hosts Eric Bowman and Dan Callahan record this week’s episode together in person for the first time from NYC before the 2020 Travvy Awards.

As always, the two go through the top trending stories to start the show, including the latest news on the Coronavirus Outbreak.

This week Eric and Dan are joined by a special guest: Dream Hotel Group CEO Jay Stein.

Stein has over three decades of experience working in the hospitality industry, from Hilton and Starwood to now currently as the CEO of Dream Hotel Group where he oversees the evolution and expansion of the portfolio of brands you are definitely familiar with: Dream Hotels, Time Hotels, The Chatwal and Unscripted Hotels.

Stein discusses the current state of the hospitality industry as well as the latest offerings from Dream Hotel Group’s brands.

For more information on Dream Hotel Group and their properties, visit them online at

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