VIDEO: Woman Escapes Charging Moose at Colorado Ski Resort

A video is going viral online which shows a Colorado woman trying to outrun a Moose as she and her friends are snowboarding at a ski resort.

According to, Instagram user Lauren Drogsvold shared a video captured Saturday at Breckenridge Ski Resort of a large bull moose looming near an area filled with people.

As the group of snowboarders and skiers begin to depart the area, the moose started chasing them down the hill. Local media outlets revealed that no injuries were reported.

Breckenridge Ski Resort CEO John Buhler said staff members try to prevent guests from approaching moose, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife is the only law enforcement department which decides when to tranquilize and move the animals.

Drogsvold warned on social media to stay away from moose when they approach in the wild, as the generally peaceful animals can become aggressive when they feel threatened.

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