TravelPulse News and Advice Reaches 3.2 Million Travelers and Agents in September 2018

The content loved by the industry is being discovered by travelers.

It’s clear that TravelPulse, the industry’s largest travel trade website with more than 93,000 travel agent subscribers, is also big with travelers. A partnership with MSN has added bonus reach to our 24/7 news coverage, reaching an additional 2.7 million travelers in September alone.

“The industry knows our coverage, and now travelers are discovering it too. More than 2.7 million travelers viewed more than 19.6 million pages of TravelPulse content through the partnership with MSN in September alone”, said Mark Murphy….”this provides extensive reach for the travel brands and destinations that are featured on TravelPulse.”

“This is due in part to the unparalleled news, tips, advice and insights provided by our team of experts I couldn’t be more proud of the work they do and the responses we hear from travel agents and travelers,” said Murphy.

The expert opinions and exclusive content found on TravelPulse is unique when compared to other websites within the industry, as it focuses on travel agents first, making the company an ideal syndication partner.

What started as agreements with Tribune Publishing and Fox News has now grown into a fruitful relationship with MSN. In addition to the blockbuster numbers with MSN, syndication to a network of more than 10,000 consumer travel sites, via the Agent Studio network, extends the reach even further.

The partnership between TravelPulse and MSN originally launched in 2017, but it has expanded beyond expectations for both companies. In July alone, over 1.7 million travelers viewed more than 25 million pages of TravelPulse content.

The record-breaking numbers show the partnership between TravelPulse and MSN continuing to scale, bringing more and more travelers great content that motivates them to travel forward.

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