The Bali spot where tourists are queuing an hour for selfies

Visitors are lining up for up to an hour to take a photo at a Bali beach experiencing a sudden spike in popularity.

Kelingking Beach, a secluded spot on Bali’s Nusa Penida island that’s also known as “Hidden Beach”, has been seeing a spike in popularity over the past few years but all of a sudden, queues to visit the cliff overlooking the beach have become ridiculous.

“This morning around 10am I arrived at Kelingking Beach and it was already very crowded,” Irma Maulida, from Jakarta, told Indonesia’s on Sunday, the Jakarta Post reported.

“Most of the tourists (queuing) were Asians; on average photos can take up to three minutes per person,” she said, adding she waited in the queue for about 20 minutes before giving up.

Ms Maulida also noted the trek up to the cliff wasn’t easy and traffic jams weren’t uncommon during holiday periods.

People believe the formation looks like a T-rex. Picture: iStockSource:istock

Part of the beach’s appeal appears to be its resemblance to a T-rex, with photos posted online featuring the same angle.

More tourists have been discovering Kelingking Beach since it was ranked the world’s ninth most beautiful beach by CNN Asia two years ago.

TripAdvisor has also named it the second-best beach in Asia and the 19th best in the world, and it enjoys a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the review site.

However, reviewers have been quick to note how busy the spot can get.

“Go early as the bus loads of tourists arrive around 9am,” a reviewer wrote.

The beach is considered to be one of the two best beaches in Asia. Picture: iStockSource:istock

“The walk down is a bit intimidating but the views are incredible. You can see mantas down below in the clear water.

“The place is overrun with day trippers from Bali but still too beautiful to be missed,” another wrote.

A tourist from Dubai wrote: “The beach is not easily accessible (we drove a motorbike for 40 minutes from the main port) but the views are definitely worth the hustle!

“Unfortunately number of people pushing through the narrow path to get this ‘original’ Instagram picture makes it very difficult to enjoy.

You’ll find it on the Balinese island of Nusa Penida. Picture: iStockSource:istock

“We tried to walk down the path but it was too packed … I would recommend to go there very early in the morning to avoid the crowds.”

Others pointed out it wasn’t an easy trek to the popular viewing point and some people gave up part of the way.

“Although there is quite a journey to get here from mainland Bali, a car, a boat, a tuc-tuc (sic), a car … a very broken beat up road and then paradise! So worth it. Breathtaking views, stunning blue ocean. Pictures do not do this place justice,” a reviewer from Toronto said.

“This place is beautiful, words can’t describe it,” a visitor from the UK said.

“Great for walking, sceneries like in movies and most of all fun. The locals are really friendly and I am so glad I visited it. Be wary the roads in Nusa Panida are quite bad though and a lot of bumps and journey can be uncomfortable but it’s well worth it.”

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