Singapore to Require Electronic Monitoring Device for Incoming Travelers

As Singapore gradually reopens to tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Asian city-state will soon require incoming travelers to wear an electronic monitoring device to ensure that they’re complying with the destination’s mandatory quarantine order.

According to Reuters, the new measure will take effect on August 11, applying to visitors arriving from approved countries who will be able to isolate at home or outside of a state-appointed facility.

Travelers will receive the devices, which are equipped with Bluetooth and GPS technology, after clearing immigration. Once activated and registered on a mobile app, users will receive notifications that they must acknowledge in a timely manner.

The wristwatch-like device will alert authorities if the wearer attempts to leave their place of residence or tampers with the device. Violators face potential fines of up $7,260 and or jail time of up to six months.

The device does not store the user’s personal data nor does it record sound or video. What’s more, those aged 12 and under will not be subject to the new device.

Singapore’s latest quarantine enforcement measure comes several months after Hong Kong implemented similar tracking wristbands.

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