Ryanair trolls British Airways on Twitter, instantly regrets it

An attempt by Ryanair to publicly mock British Airways for flying passengers to the wrong city has backfired in a big way.

The Irish low-cost carrier took to Twitter to have a laugh after a British Airways flight from London to Dusseldorf in Germany on Monday landed in Edinburgh instead.

The mistake was said to be due to an incorrect flight path being filed.

“Hey @British_Airways, we have a present for you,” Ryanair tweeted, along with a photo of the book, Geography for Dummies.

But the joke didn’t go so well for Ryanair after a flurry of Twitter uses pointed out it had done the same thing in the past.

Earlier this year, a Ryanair flight landed in Romania instead of Greece, and in 2006, a Ryanair flight landed at a military base instead of Derry airport in Northern Ireland.

“I think that book should stay in your collection,” one person replied.

Another person tweeted a photo of “Customer Service for Dummies”.

Other Twitter users also joked what a surprise it was that Ryanair would gift British Airways a book for free, given it’s famous for slugging people extra for things like seat selection and carry-on baggage.

“@Ryanair how much you charging @British_Airways for that book because you not giving it away for free,” someone wrote.

One Twitter user remarked: “For free? Or are you going to charge them for that as well?”

British Airways replied to Ryanair’s original taunt, saying: “Now, now. No one is perfect.”

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