Rent This Italian Castle for Only $114

A fairytale castle in Italy is available to lease for weddings, parties, birthdays, and anniversaries for just $114.

Roccascalegna is a medieval hamlet in the Abruzzo region of Italy and it has recently renovated it’s most iconic treasure — the Castle in the Sky.

Mayor Domenico Giangiordano hopes that by renting the castle for the low fee of €100 or about $114 USD, he’ll bring some life back to his depopulating town.

It’s a real low fee, practically a tip,” Giangiordano told CNN Travel. “Our goal isn’t to raise cash but to use this unique setting to revamp the local economy by luring an elite clientele who loves tiny, offbeat spots.”

At over 7,500-square feet, the Castle in the Sky has a chapel, former dungeons, torture rooms, and dining rooms, all available for hosting. The inner gardens, craggy stone steps, mountains in the background, and surrounding meadows full of olive trees and barns create an overall idyllic setting.

“The castle, abandoned for ages, was a ruin where sheep and dogs slept,” says Giangiordano. “Look at it now — it’s a gem.”

The mayor is offering wedding planning and catering services, as well as transport and logistical assistance for those who lease it for events.

There are some drawbacks to renting this castle. Guests can only reach the venue by foot, climbing old donkey trails made of rough stones. Those who can make the climb should do so only in relevant footwear.

“One couple couldn’t stop laughing,” says Marcello Giangiordano, the castle’s keeper and guide. “The bride was wearing a long silk pink dress and peep-toe stilettos. The groom, barefoot, swept her up in his arms and carried her all the way up to the altar.”

And then there’s the castle’s headless resident.

Baron Corvo de Corvis used to live in the castle, enforcing an evil medieval right of sleeping with all newlywed village girls. That was until an angry husband stabbed him to death. According to lore, the Baron is still in the castle, moving through the cellar, prison towers, and dungeons as a ghostly apparition.

“Ghostbusters have slept here: they heard the baron screaming, running around like a madman,” says Marcello.

Despite the ghost, it’s still just $114 to rent this beautiful medieval castle – and that’s a deal you can’t pass up.

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