Digital detox earns Aruba hotel guests loyalty points

If guests ditch their cell phones during a stay at the Aruba Marriott Resort, they can earn bonus Bonvoy loyalty points.

With technology tethering many travelers to work and the digital world 24/7, the resort said it wants to reward them for unplugging while on vacation.

Resort guests can opt to check their phones, which will be held securely in a safety box at the front desk. In return, they’ll receive a disposable camera.

Bonvoy points are rewarded based on the amount of time a guest is able to go before retrieving the phone. For example, if a guest is able to disconnect for the majority of a two-night stay, the reward is 5,000 points.

On a stay of seven or more nights, a guest can earn 6,500 Bonvoy points if he or she surrenders their phone for the majority of four nights.

The recently launched digital detox option is an incentive to live in the moment, according to the resort.

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